FiberDyne was selected to manufacture the Lynx Mark I Wing Strakes after a thorough competitive selection process that emphasized past experience, ability to manufacture complex carbon fiber structures used in safety critical pressurized applications, schedule and value.


The L35 modified wing flap was developed by Raisbeck Engineering for increased performance. The ZR LITE Performance System improves the take-off, climb, cruise, and descent performance.


Raisbeck’s Crown Wing Lockers give you the extra storage needed outside the cabin without any performance penalty on the aircraft.


Fiberdyne has been manufacturing OEM parts for Tesla since 2011 including carbon fiber hard tops, light shrouds, and trunk spoilers.


Carbon Fiber Sea Stairs, Carbon Fiber Boarding Steps, Carbon Fiber Passerelles

Expertise in Our Industry

FiberDyne Advanced Composites is a carbon fiber composite manufacturer that caters to the needs and expectations of our clients across multiple industries. With an established history in the carbon fiber composites industry, we offer expertise in oven and autoclave cured epoxy resin systems and infusion methods of fabrication.

Program Management

The satisfaction and success of our clients is extremely important to us. Our teams of specialists are assigned to work with individual clients to fabricate customized tooling and production packages. We pay attention to the details of every project so we can balance quality, price points and lead times to suit our client’s needs.

Precision & Performance

The aerospace industry sets the bar high for quality assurance standards. At FiberDyne, we apply this sense of discipline to all of our projects regardless of the industry. We guarantee consistently exceptional products from fabricating master molds, laminating molds and fixtures to manufacturing precise parts to high tolerances.

Fiberdyne Advanced Composites offers a diverse line of aerospace products. We are a leading manufacturer of aerospace parts and products.

Carbon fiber composites stand up to the extremes of marine environments, are stronger than steel and 40% lighter than aluminum.

Carbon fiber hoods, bumpers, fenders, body panels and concept vehicles. Reduce weight, lap times and increase fuel economy.

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