The L35 modified wing flap was developed by Raisbeck Engineering for increased performance. Fiberdyne Manufactured this product under ISO AS 9100 certifications. The ZR LITE Performance System was designed by Raisbeck Engineering to enhance the take-off, climb, cruise and descent performance of the Learjet 35/36 series aircraft. Raisbeck’s ZR LITE technology utilizes state-of-the-art components specifically engineered to reduce wave pressure, interference and induced drag—expanding this wonderful airplane’s mission capability.


Raisbeck’s ZR LITE Performance System for Learjet Models 35 and 36—including “A” models—enables your Learjet to fly higher, faster and farther from more airports, and save up to 14% or more in fuel along the way. ZR LITE owners report annual fuel savings as a return on investment (ROI) typically range from 30% to 50% or more—ZR LITE literally pays for itself within 2-4 years if you fly just few hundred hours per year!


The Recontoured Flap Trailing Edges reduce high speed drag, improve lift distribution and improve flap effectiveness. The Horizontal Winglets, or “Batwings,” enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft, resulting in reduced drag, less impact from wingtip vortices and increased aileron effectiveness. The Vortilons, attached to the leading edges, improve low speed performance and handling as well as airflow effectiveness.